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Episode 69 – What Happens When an Investor Wants to Exit Early in Your Reg D Syndication Or Fund?

Episode 68 – How to Evaluate a Real Estate Syndication Deal: The Four Steps to Mastering Financial Analysis

Episode 67 – How to Handle Capital Calls in a Reg D Syndication: Making the Best of a Tough Situation

Episode 66 – How to Start a Real Estate Fund: A Step-by-Step Guide Using Reg D, 506b, and 506c

Episode 65 – Mastering Financial Analysis: A Key Skill for Reg D Syndicators and Fund Managers

Episode 64 – Raising Money From Friends And Family: Unlocking the Legalities of Raising Funds

Episode 63 – Are You Creating a Security? The Howey Test Knows: A Look At SEC vs. Howey

Episode 62 – Deconstructing a Reg D Real Estate Syndication Deal A-to-Z: Part 2

Episode 61 – Regulation D Waterfalls 101: Understanding Investment Distribution

Episode 60 – Choosing Between Regulation D Rule 506b and 506c for Your Syndication

Episode 59 – Deconstructing a Reg D Real Estate Syndication Deal A-to-Z: Part 1

Episode 58 – 10 Essential Tips to Secure Investment from Family Offices for Your Reg D Offering

Episode 57 – The ‘Syndication LLC’ Disaster: Consequences of Bad Advice

Episode 56 – What Is Equity Dilution In A Regulation D Syndication Or Fund Offering?

Episode 55 – Understanding Net Asset Value: A Key Investment Tool For Private Equity Fund Managers And REITS

Episode 54 – Demystifying Open-Ended and Closed-Ended Funds In Reg D Private Equity

Episode 53 – An Innovative Example Of A Syndication Investment Strategy: F.I.T. In Action

Episode 52 – Regulation D Syndication Investment Strategies: Direct Investment, Specified Pools, and Blind Pools

Episode 51 – Cash Flow vs. Appreciation: Understanding Reg D Syndication Investor Types

Episode 50 – Choosing Between Regulation D and Regulation CF: An Attorney’s / Syndicator’s Analysis

Episode 49 – How To Find Investors For A Regulation D Offering Without Using A Broker-Dealer

Episode 48 – The Difference Between REITs and Real Estate Funds & Syndications

Episode 47 – Securities vs Joint Ventures: Know the Critical Differences or Risk the Consequences

Episode 46 – Eight Steps to a Successful Real Estate Syndication

Previous Episodes

Episode 40 – Why You Need a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

Episode 39 – The Art of Keeping Investors Happy: Effective Communication for Syndicators and Fund Managers

Episode 38 – Strategies for Managing Multiple Reg D Offerings: A Guide to Fundraising

Episode 37 – Understanding Real Estate Syndication Through a Practical Example

Episode 36 – The Art of Getting Investors’ Commitment: A Six-Step Guide

Episode 35 – Unlocking The Secrets To Establishing A Pre-Existing Relationship for Reg D Rule 506b

Episode 34 – Unveiling The Essential Fiduciary Duties For Syndications & Funds

Episode 33 – Navigating Securities Laws And Social Media: A Guide For Syndicators

Episode 32 – Assembling Your Real Estate Syndication Team: Who’s In?

Episode 31 – Understanding Waterfalls in Real Estate Syndication

Episode 30 – Choosing the Right SEC Exemption for Your Investment: Alphabet Soup

Episode 29 – Understanding Reg A, Reg CF, and Reg D in Syndication: The Alphabet Soup Explained

Episode 28 – LLC vs. LP vs. Corporation: Which to Choose for Syndications?

Episode 27 – Can You Get a Bank Loan?: Leveraging Traditional Financing in Syndication

Episode 26 – Securities Licenses and Real Estate Licenses for Reg D Syndications

Episode 25 – Unlocking the World: US Syndications Open to Non-US Investors

Episode 24 – Syndicators’ Guide to Self-Directed IRAs: Maximizing Capital Sources

Episode 23 – GP and LP: Exploring Syndication’s Key Players

Episode 22 – Syndication Fallout: What Happens When Losses Happen?

Episode 21 – Business Funding Unleashed: Embracing the Opportunities of Regulation D

Episode 20 – Behind the ‘Bad Actor’ Rule: Rule 506d Demystified

Episode 19 – The Myth Of The Friends And Family Securities Exemption For Syndications

Episode 18 – Demystifying Form D Filings with the SEC: In-Depth Walkthrough and Tips

Episode 17 – Can An LLC Invest Into A Regulation D Rule 506b Or 506c Syndication Offering?

Episode 16 – The ‘Friends & Family Loan Loophole’ – Is It A Legal Way To Syndicate Without Actually Syndicating?

Episode 15 – How Does Regulation D Rule 506c Work For Syndication?

Episode 14 – Syndication Attorney Webinar – ‘Ask Me Anything’

Episode 13 – “How do I let family and friends know that I’m doing a Reg D Rule 506b offer if I can’t advertise?”

Episode 12 – ‘Can I do both a Regulation D 506b and Reg D 506c in one LLC?’

Episode 11 – ‘Can I do a 1031 exchange in a Regulation D syndication?’

Episode 10 – Regulation D Limitations on Resale: What You & Your Investors Should Know

Episode 9 – How does Regulation D Rule 506b work for syndication?

Episode 8 – How do I pay people to market my Regulation D syndication?

Episode 7 – What information must be disclosed in a syndication private placement memorandum?

Episode 6 – What are ‘Blue Sky’ laws when it comes to syndication?

Episode 5 – How can you structure sponsor fees for a Regulation D Rule 506 syndication?

Episode 4 – What qualifies someone as an ‘Accredited Investor’ for a Regulation D Rule 506 syndication?

Episode 3 – Should I do a Regulation D 506(b) syndication or a 506(c) syndication?

Episode 2 – How do I market my Regulation D Rule 506 offering?

Episode 1 – How Should I Structure My Regulation D Syndication?

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