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One-Stop Legal Solution For Raising Capital

Syndication is the fastest way to build your wealth (even entirely from scratch) if you do it right.

Here doing it ‘right’ means you’ve got your business set up according to law.

And each syndication, whether it’s your first or your twentieth, is done legally and in compliance with all of the governing authorities from the SEC to every state’s securities regulators. Not to mention in accord with the guidelines influencers investors look to promulgated by the CFA Institute and the CAIA Association.

This might seem like a lot to ask for, especially if you are new to the business, but remember how much is at stake here.

On average, a syndicator charges investors between five and 15% of the raise. And when you do the math, on a $3M raise, that’s $450K (if we are taking the higher range).

So with the upside of half-a-million dollars per deal, it’s easy to see why the SEC is so strict with its rules and why it defaults to charging ‘fraud’ instead of a slap on the wrist.

The SEC doesn’t want the lawless Wild West. That’s why investors get their dollars watched over with the ferociousness of a starving lion.

And it’s not that SEC doesn’t want you syndicating. It just doesn’t want you messing up and investors getting hurt along the way.

This is why the Moschetti Law Group, headed by Tilden Moschetti, the attorney-syndicator, has become the go-to source for syndicators of every size and ambition.

It’s hard to mess up when you’ve got an attorney-syndicator with eight years of syndication experience and eighteen years in real estate practice helping you take your syndication to its finish line.

You can rest assured that your syndication will be done according to the law.

That everything you’ve worked so hard for will be protected (and that you will get paid).

And that every document and disclosure will check off every mark in SEC’s book.

Plus, you’ll have Tilden’s extensive syndication and commercial real estate experience to lean into.

After all, it’s not just the PPM that makes the syndication.

At a high level, syndication is like a 3D puzzle.

And all of its pieces – from the commercial real estate side to underwriting, to fees, to risk management, to legal protection, must click together in order for any syndication to work.

That’s why Tilden is so sought after by both syndicators and Billion dollar equity funds.

One expert, one solution for everything syndication-related.

What People Are Saying


Tilden has become my one-attorney stop for all of my syndication needs. I’ve done three syndications through his law firm already, and each one was a home run.


I was starting a private equity fund and needed someone with chops and financial knowledge to help set up all the documents and systems. I’m a Wall Street guy myself, and with Tilden, I always feel like I’m talking to someone from my world. It’s impressive how one guy knows both the legal, syndication, and finance stuff.


When I came to Tilden I was at my wit's end. I’ve spent a ton of time trying to figure out how to syndicate this rather challenging deal, and all I had to do was hire Tilden. He helped to clear out whatever confusion I had about the transaction and set me up with the legal structure and the documents I needed. Really grateful that I found Tilden and will be back with more deals soon.


Top gun! Tilden Moschetti and his associates are amazing! He was very responsive, creative, knowledgeable, thorough, and he persevered until the deal was closed successfully. It was quite comforting knowing Tilden was on my side fighting for me.


It’s been helpful that Tilden knows his commercial real estate stuff in addition to law. He helped solve an issue with a parking lot that was about to turn into a disaster. That deal almost didn’t happen. Thanks, Tilden!


I do about twelve syndications per year, and Tilden is my go-to guy. Always responds quickly to my texts and has resolved my last-minute drama more than once.


Tilden has always been great to work with - friendly and responsive. Highly recommended.


My investors really like PPMs prepared by Moschetti Law Group - even people without much knowledge in real estate can understand them.

The Only Boutique Syndication Law Firm To Have Received All Of The Below Honors

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