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Tilden Moschetti, CCIM, Esq.

When people ask me what I do, I always reply, “I work with syndication lions”. Why lions, you might wonder?
Because investors would never mistaken an overgrown kitten for 500 pounds of lethal mass.
And in the business of relying on other people’s equity, where people with money are treated like demi-gods…

A syndication lion’s the one who must put everything in its proper place.
Without the syndicator there’s no deal and there’s no investment. And without a vetted investment, investors’ money is bait for recession, inflation and their cousins’ ‘million dollar ideas’.

So who’s got the power now, huh?
And when one step remains before the finish line, when millions are expected to cross hands, and the clock is ticking and the difference between a funded deal and ‘Eh…. What just happened?’ rides on investors following instead of doubting…
….aka showing up on Zoom calls, wiring the money, and signing the agreements…
It’s time for a syndication lion to run the show.
But even more so…
My clients aren’t sheep in lion’s clothes. They’ve got lions’ DNA.
Which is why the external hurdles like economy…recession… politics… markets… media…
Get swatted away like flies.
Serial syndicators, the ones who do three, five, ten syndications a year go for the kill with zero doubts and reality bends itself backwards to make it happen.
‘Good economy’ … ‘Bad economy’…
Oh, please! These notions are only useful for selling newspapers.
My clients look at the news and chuckle. They know they are the only answer to the investor’s anxiety. Because the worse the news, the worse the worry, the more help investors need.
Afterall, where else are investors going to park their money?
Tech stocks? NFTs? Crypto? Yeah, right.
But a recession-proof slice of a real asset? A property they can ‘touch’ and see rental income trickle in? Now we are talking!
Or a business venture that solves a big and hairy problem in a market place? Bring it on!
It might seem like a weird thing to say for a lawyer, but when I started as a family law attorney twenty years ago, I learned quickly that there are law practices that break people apart (divorces, inheritance disputes, etc.), and then there are law practices that build people up.
Guess which one practicing as a syndication attorney falls under.
I’ve been practicing real estate law for over nineteen years now.
And since the Jobs Act of 2012 redefined syndication, I’ve worked exclusively with syndicators.
It’s kind of a funny story, the way my syndication law practice started.
I couldn’t pass on a juicy piece of real estate that crossed my desk. And because I wasn’t in a position to take it down myself at that time (just bought a house, wife’s pregnant with our second baby)…
The only solution that made sense was to syndicate.
And that’s where my syndication chops come from – I had to move a few mountains and figure it all out for myself first.
Since then I’ve helped influencers, gurus, funds, tech geniuses, venture capitalists, mom-and-pop syndicators and everyone in between to get their deals funded.
Got a problem you haven’t cracked yet? I can guarantee you I’ve successfully dealt with it before and will help you, too.
This is why I give that spot-on, real-world syndication and business advice to my clients – been there, done that.
And it’s an attorney-client partnership.
Syndication lions have me in their den, making sure they remain the kings of the jungle and that no investor, SEC, law or business problem throws them off their throne.

So that’s me, Tilden Moschetti, attorney to syndicators.
And I’m glad we had this ‘talk’.
But talking alone won’t wire syndicator’s fees into your bank account.
Let’s have you syndicating.
Give me a call today, so you can have me in your lion’s den, too.

Types of Clients I Represent:

Real Estate Developer

You’ve been running a development company for decades and you know your bit: how to get land entitled, property developed and structure built. But how do you switch gears and pivot from running your business as a lone wolf and towards a syndication business model, where suddenly you’ve got ‘silent partners’? I’ll help you find the right answers. You probably want an influx of equity, not an influx of questions from hundreds of investors’ voices, right? We’ll get it done.

Real Estate Newbie

Unlike a developer, you might have 30% figured out and the remaining 70% is still a gaping hole of the unknown. Here’s the trick - don’t go asking ten people who know something about your challenges. Ask one person, who’s got the whole 70% covered. Life put me in the right place to build my real estate skills. I’ve had an entire commercial real estate firm come to me for answers, and their questions range from ‘What do I do with this vacancy?’ to ‘A deal just fell through on the 1031 Exchange, what do I do’ to ‘Did I calculate the IRR correctly?’. (And that’s on top of taking the most complex transactions to their finish line. And I’m not even talking about being a landlord myself.) Whatever piece of the real estate puzzle got you stuck, I know exactly what’s missing and how to help you move forward. Fast and easy. No errors, mistakes or sleepless nights.

Real Estate Funds

You are an ace, who wants things done yesterday. No busy work, no over-explaining or putting you through an unnecessary facts-finding mission. You want someone on your level. Someone who gets your vision and can take you there with minimum questions asked. I’ve built funds. I’ve taken funds from small outfits to regional giants. I’ve counseled them as a CIO and as a General Counsel. Need I say more?

Private Equity Funds

You are in the business of multiplying investors’ money. Your main job? To maximize the returns of your investors while keeping risks and worried voices at bay. You won’t need to explain the par value, PIKs, or the difference between ROI, ROE, IRR, and MIRR to me. Need an attorney who combines the expertise of a General Counsel with CFO? You’ve got it. I’ll help you increase both the profitability of your investment strategies, the legality of your endeavors, and their marketability to your investors.


Having stood at the cradle of a few startups myself, and having worked with individuals whose freshly minted ideas became the tech giants of today’s world… It’s safe to say that I’ll get you past the incubator stage and put you up on your feet, ready to raise capital, launch rockets into space or develop the next-generation AI or whatever it is your brilliant brain is into. If you can dream it… I can help you get it funded.

Established Businesses

As an established business, you’ve got a lot riding on this raise. On the one hand, that’s your future. On the other hand, one wrong move and the FBI and SEC will start packing your computers and shipping them to their headquarters, wrapped in orange tape with the word ‘Evidence’ on it. You can’t afford to make mistakes. And you also don’t want to lose the momentum, making them. My job is to get you the outcome you are after. Want more equity? Want to change the direction of your business? Want to take some risks while avoiding capsizing? Your vision might be spot on, but your business plan might be off. Your business plan might be spot on, but you might be way off on the execution. Clients come for me not just to get their PPMs custom-drafted. They come to me to make sure there are no blind spots hiding in their peripheral vision. Whatever your desired outcome is, I’ll make sure it’s executed successfully, legally, and with the best use of your resources.

Tilden is

An Attorney

19 years of experience in the courtroom as a litigator and a transactional attorney. High profile Silicon Valley and Wall Street clients.

Syndication Coach

Anyone can find a great deal. But when it’s time to raise money, will you have what it takes to get that deal funded? I coach clients to run their deals the way a lion would command the respect of every mammal in a 2-mile radius.

Securities Attorney

I keep syndicators syndicating. My clients get their deals funded thanks to the legal advice, business consulting and making sure their syndication business is built to withstand any external turmoil.


Author of 2 best selling books including The Complete Commercial Real Estate Guide

Featured on NPR, NBC, CBS, WSJ, NY Times, etc


I don’t just draft PPMs. I walk the walk. I’ve successfully  syndicated real estate in all asset classes, across multiple states and city lines.

Proud father

My 2 little boys call me ‘Daddy’. I taught them how to read when they were 3, play golf when they turned 4, and play Green Day on their first Stratocaster. They are 6 and 8 now.


Certified Commercial Investment Member is like a Ph.D. in academia and J.D. in law. The highest level of certification among investment real estate professionals.

General Counsel

General Counsel to two private equity funds and experience as Interim Chief Investment Officer for a fund that needed an experienced CIO in a pinch.


Lawyers aren’t usually known for their integration into the business world. I’ve successfully worked with big businesses and institutions like McKesson, Cisco, HP, Adobe, Oracle, and UC Berkeley.

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