What qualifies someone as an ‘Accredited Investor’ for a syndication?

What qualifies someone as an ‘Accredited Investor’ for a Regulation D Rule 506 syndication? Watch this video to find out. If you are ready to schedule a free consultation with an attorney for your syndication, go to https://ppm.moschettilaw.com.


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Tilden Moschetti, CCIM, Esq. is a syndication attorney, syndication coach, and an active syndicator who helps real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and private equity funds raise capital.

Syndicators come to Tilden because they want the best advice from a lawyer who is not just a syndication attorney, but rather, someone who is an active syndicator himself with a proven track record.

Tilden is the author of two best-selling books and has been featured on NPR, People Magazine, the New York Times, Fox, USA Today, NBC News, Market Watch, and Money Magazine.

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