Tilden Moschetti, Esq.

Managing Partner, Moschetti Law Group

When people ask me what I do, I always reply, “I work with syndication bulls”.

Why bulls, you might wonder?

Because in the world of raising private equity, when the clock on the escrow is ticking and the difference between half-a-million in the bank and ‘What just happened?’ rides on each investor doing exactly what they said they would…

….aka answering your calls, wiring the money, and signing the agreements before the clock strikes midnight…

Being a syndication bull is your #1 prescription to get the deal funded.

And then there’s that second ‘bull’ definition, courtesy of Wall Street.

In syndication, you are riding the bull market even if everyone else is screaming the most impotent word in the English language – ‘Recession!’.

You are riding the bull market…

Because no one’s ever said, “I’m going to buy this property today because I’m betting on it losing value in the future”, right?

Every economic event, even such tectonic shifts as economic cycles and recession, are forks on the road.

And here’s the caveat.

When everything seems to be heading downhill…

The fork is there.

And it’s 100% an individual choice to let the economy make you or break you.

The syndication bulls I work with keep making money.

They know that syndication is the answer to investors’ anxiety about the ups and downs of the markets.

And that real estate makes money in both good and bad economies!

Even in the worst economy, consumers and real estate are like white on rice – people still eat at the restaurants, work and sleep somewhere.

And as far as investors go…

Where else are they going to park their money?

Tech stocks? NFTs? Crypto? Oh, please.

But a recession-proof slice of a real asset? A property they can ‘touch’ and see rental income trickle in? Now we are talking!

It might seem like a weird thing to say for a lawyer, but when I started as a family law attorney twenty years ago, I learned quickly that there are law practices that break people apart (divorces, inheritance disputes, etc.), and then there are law practices that build people up.

Guess which one practicing as a syndication attorney falls under.

I’ve been practicing real estate law for over eighteen years now.

And since the Jobs Act of 2012 redefined syndication, I’ve worked exclusively with syndicators.

It’s kind of a funny story, the way my syndication law practice started.

I couldn’t pass on a juicy piece of real estate that crossed my desk. And because I wasn’t in a position to take it down myself at that time (just bought a house, wife’s pregnant with our second baby)…

My only solution was to syndicate.

And you know what? When you really want something… you move the mountains to get it done, right?

That’s where my syndication chops come from  – I had to move a few mountains and figure it all out for myself first.

This is why I give that spot-on, real-world syndication and business advice to my clients – been there, done that.

And it’s an attorney-client partnership.

Do you know that ‘bull in the china shop’ expression?

Syndication bulls have me in their corner, making sure nothing’s broken or cracked – china, laws, investor relationships, you name it.

So that’s me, Tilden Moschetti, attorney to syndicators.

And I’m glad we had this ‘talk’.

But talking alone won’t wire syndicator’s fees into your bank account.

Let’s have you syndicating.

Give me a call today, so you can have me in your corner, too.

Make informed decisions about your syndication.

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