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Community Involvement

Community Involvement

We Believe Giving Back is Essential

Moschetti Law Group takes seriously its commitment to give back to the communities, the people, and the world it serves. Whether it’s promoting entrepreneurship, helping children experiencing forms of abuse or homelessness, supporting education, or helping fund life-saving medical research, the Moschetti Law Group believes in good corporate citizenship.

Here are just a few of the organizations we are proud to support.

This international nonprofit with California roots has a mission to “expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive.” Kiva creates a platform to crowdfund loans for entrepreneurs who otherwise might not have had the opportunity to start or grow their businesses. They also work to remove other barriers to quality financial services, including money for education, medical care, loans for women- and minority-owned businesses, and equipment investments for small farmers.

The My Stuff Bags Foundation provides bags of physically comforting items to children rescued from situations of abuse, abandonment, neglect, and homelessness.

These children are often separated from their families and thrust into unfamiliar environments without their belongings. The My Stuff Bags Foundation gives every child a blanket and a collection of new items like books, toys, school supplies, and toiletries.

Alexandra “Alex” Scott was the beginning and the inspiration for this organization dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer. At eight years old, Alex raised more than a million dollars toward this cause, and her parents drive that forward today with Alex’s Lemonade Stand. They fund research on childhood cancer, awareness, and family support.

Project Night Night provides comfort to over 30,000 children experiencing homelessness each year in the form of a new security blanket, a children’s book, and a stuffed animal. These children live in shelters, cars, or hotels with their families and often feel insecure and anxious due to the stressors of their living and financial situations. The Night Night bags provided by San Francisco-based Project Night Night offer a sense of security and comfort, as well as promoting literacy skills through age-appropriate reading.

Schools on Wheels reminds us that 1 in 20 children in California does not have a home, which affects their performance in school and may even lead to dropping out. Their organization matches students with volunteer tutors one hour a week and provides them school supplies and parental support in addition to scholarships and an on-site learning center. Their mission is to shrink learning gaps for students experiencing homelessness and support them during this time of stress and uncertainty in their lives.

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