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Managing Partner

Managing Partner

Tilden Moschetti - Syndication Attorney

Tilden Moschetti, Esq.

Managing Partner, Moschetti Law Group

Hi there!

Choosing an attorney is a matter of personal preference.

Some clients make their decision based on the attorney’s experience.

Some are looking for more of a personal connection.

Here’s where I come from.

I started my private practice almost two decades ago in family law litigation.

And while I loved solving my clients’ problems, the means of how it had to be done were often heartbreaking.

Getting a divorce or filing for a lawsuit would always leave one party satisfied and another deeply crushed.

That’s not what I saw myself doing for a living.

But while I was practicing family law, I noticed something very investing.

People argued about petty stuff, like airline miles, but they cared deeply only about two things.

Getting custody of their little ones.

And who would get the ownership of the family’s real estate assets.

Once I saw the potential of income-producing real estate to give people freedom from financial worry…

I was hooked.

I didn’t want to watch families break apart.

Instead, I wanted to help them build a strong financial foundation.

Especially since 41% of marriages end in divorces due to financial hardships!

That’s why I switched my practice to real estate law and went deep.

Since law books didn’t have any of the real-world, practical scenarios…

I became a commercial real estate broker and earned my CCIM certification.

Over the course of my real estate career, I’ve brokered over $800 million square feet of investment sales.

And solved every possible legal and transactional problem for a national commercial real estate brokerage firm.

In 2015 I added syndication to the mix.

I became a syndicator first, raising money for myself and for my business partners.

Then started advising syndicators and preparing syndication documents for my law clients.

Everything I’ve learned from the trenches of the syndication and commercial real estate business was gold for my syndication clients.

Because now they had someone with the trifecta of the syndication, real estate, and business experience to give them both an insight and the best practical solutions.

So that’s my story and how I got where I am today.

Of course, it all started with legal education.

I have a J.D. Law from the University of San Franciso School of Law, as well as an MBA in Strategic Planning.

Additionally, I wanted to give my clients legal advice that was financially sound as well.

So I pursued that knowledge by earning a Series 7 license (no longer active) and education from the CFA Institute. 

I’ve noticed it has become customary to ‘brag’ about one’s appearances in media…

And while this is not why clients hire me, it does offer certain social proof.

So here it is.

My work has been featured on NPR, FOX, USA Today, L.A. Times, NBC News and other prominent news channels.

I am also a founder of the Altitude Syndication Founders’ Club, where I coach syndicators on my syndication systems.

Overall, these two decades in law practice gave me an opportunity to work with clients from every walk of life.

From first-time investors to syndicators, to private equity funds, to uber-wealthy high net worth individuals whose names equate with the largest companies in today’s technology and science.

Now that you know who I am, I want to know how I can help you.

For PPMs, syndication advice and real estate transactions call (888) 606-0990.

Make informed decisions about your syndication.

Contact our syndication and private placement memorandum law firm today!



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At Moschetti Law Group, our practice serves the needs of Founders by providing real estate law and real estate syndication attorney services to Founders. Whether you are the Founder of a real estate empire or building a business and need assistance with purchase and sales, real estate transactions, or real estate litigation, we serve Los Angeles County, eastern Ventura County, and North Orange County from our office in Calabasas. We also have a primary focus on helping Real Estate Syndication Founders throughout the United States with forming their syndication, understanding crowdfunding, private placement memorandums, and operating agreements.

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